Erik is deeply interested in exploring what lies beneath the surface of the Swedish coast. However, upon further investigation, you will discover several concerning issues surrounding the area. These include the looting of wrecks, ghost nets, pollutants, microplastic discharge, and a lack of understanding about the effects of sand extraction. The public and politicians must become aware of these problems to work together to protect the environment and everything that lies beneath the seemingly calm surface.
    Kjell is passionate about contributing to a greater understanding of how we should use and care for the ocean's resources. He started diving in 1970 and has since accumulated over 5,000 diving hours. Kjell has worked as an environmental controller on several marine projects, including the Öresund Bridge. In 1987, he produced the first Öresund film and helped initiate the first Havsresan in 1990. Kjell was also one of the initiators of the formation of the Öresund Fund in 1988 and Havportalen in 2008. He holds the Navy's Diving Certificate A from 1994 and a Diver Leader Certificate SA Ship's Officer class V111.
    I've been a chef and a diver since 1992. I've always been interested in the sea and remember fishing 12 - 15 kg cod when I was little. It's very unusual today.
    I want to promote a healthy and thriving underwater ecosystem, and at SCSC, we excel at doing that.
    I have 1300 dives behind me and hopefully as many ahead of me.
    Klas is S 30 and PADI Master Scuba Diver certified.
    Per aims through his work with SCSC to raise awareness and social interest about the marine environment and cultural heritage. He started diving in 2011 and obtained his GUE Fundamentals certification in 2015. While there are many exciting diving locations worldwide, Per finds the Baltic Sea and the West Coast most exhilarating. The wrecks and marine life here are fantastic to explore, although diving can be quite challenging.
    Environmental issues such as ghost nets and emissions are tragic sights to witness. It is hard to believe such destruction would be acceptable on land for even a day.
    Jan has been diving in various forms since 1995, with a mission to protect our oceans. He collaborates with Pdyk on various projects, such as clearing ghost nets in the Baltic Sea. Jan also owns Skywater Media, a company that specializes in underwater photography and documentation using drones.
    Andreas is an avid diver who started exploring the underwater world in 1993. Over the years, he has dived in different parts of the world, but his passion for marine life began while growing up on the coast of Skåne & Blekinge. Andreas was fortunate to have pioneer divers and sailors in his family who taught him the importance of preserving our oceans and marine cultural heritage. He firmly believes that we must take better care of our waters, which hold the greatest treasure of our country and are of great international interest. Unfortunately, global emissions are causing negative PH on land, leading to the disappearance of archaeology on land. The impact of pollution on wrecks beneath the water's surface over a more extended time is also not well understood.
    Andreas works as a Map & Survey Engineer, archaeologist, and osteologist. He is also the chairman of the Åhus Maritime Society, a non-profit association comprising archaeologists, historians, and divers dedicated to preserving and gathering information about the marine cultural history of north-eastern Scania. Andreas and his team are passionate about protecting our maritime heritage and ensuring that future generations can enjoy and learn from it.

    Andreas obtained his first diving certificate at the age of 12 back in 1999. However, at the time, he disliked dark, deep water and boats. Over the last two decades, Andreas has travelled to several diving locations, and now he finds nothing more thrilling than diving in deep, dark waters and exploring the different kinds of boats that take him to the dive sites.
    The mysteries of the deep have always fascinated him, and diving has challenged him to explore new depths. Andreas specializes in rebreather diving, technical deep diving, cave diving, wreck diving, and search diving. He has had the opportunity to dive with many of the world's leading pioneers in the field of diving, and he has acquired several skills that could benefit SCSC.
    Besides diving, Andreas is an IT consultant at Egmont and runs his own IT solutions company.

    Robert has a great interest in nature and the sea. He has been diving and taking photographs underwater for many years, experiencing pressures greater than 1 atmosphere. Robert understands the significance of preserving cultural heritage and leaving a better world for future generations.

    Robert is excited about the future of SCSC and the opportunities it presents. Robert is also a keen photographer and boat operator (Ship and Engine Commander Class VIII). Since 2000, he has been self-employed as a co-owner of the IT company AddPro.

    Anders, an experienced diver and freediver since the 90s, has a particular interest in marine archaeology. From his diving adventures, he has noticed that people do not treat the sea kindly, particularly in terms of emissions and littering.Since the 90s, Anders has been diving and freediving with a major interest in marine archaeology. He has observed that people are not kind to the sea when it comes to emissions and littering.Anders has been diving/freediving since the 90s. The major interest is marine archaeology.
    Through diving, he has seen that people are not so kind to the sea regarding emissions and littering in our common sea.